Hi, and thanks for looking at my site, if indeed you meant to and haven't stumbled across it by accident, which isn't a bad thing!

I’ve been taking photos for some years now and love it, I think there is something really great about having a concept or idea, working on it and then finally nailing the finished product.

In today’s digitally social world, it’s also so easy to share my photographs with the masses which is pretty mind-blowing if you think about it. I’m based in the East Midlands which is where, without the digital age, I would have to assume most of my work would be sold and displayed - unless I went down the mass-produced artwork market and managed to strike a deal with the big retailers, my work could have been sold in a Swedish store!

Anyway I digress, what I am trying to say, and taking a few too many words to say it, is that without the digital/social thing, I don’t think some of my photos would now be proudly sitting on the walls in homes and hotels in the UK and even as far as the grand old USA. To summarise, and stop this what appears now to be a bit of a ramble, I love taking pictures and creating unique digital artwork.


So what are you waiting for?

Let’s Make Something Great!


Photographer / United Kingdom

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